Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rumor: New iPhone 4 handset at the end of September

Honestly, I don't even believe this one, but it's our responsibility as an Apple news site to keep you updated on the latest rumors, so here you go: A Mexican tech site is reporting that a Telcel executive says there will be a new version of the iPhone 4's handset released as soon as the end of September.

Marco Quatorze, Telcel's Director of Value Added Services, says that the iPhone 4 will soon go on sale in Mexico with the same hardware as everywhere else, but that as of September 30th (which is purportedly when the free case deal ends), Apple will be releasing brand new hardware for the phone that will fix the seam in the outer band that causes reception issues.

Anyone who's been paying attention to the issue knows that story's full of holes -- not only does Apple already consider the whole "Antennagate" issue solved, but it's extremely improbable that they'll update the hardware so soon and for that reason. It's much more likely that the company would just extend the free case program rather than update the hardware before the planned cycle. Plus, as we heard from Apple specificially, "Apple has not made an announcement regarding iPhone 4 pricing or availability in Mexico."

It's possible that this is just an error in translation. If you want to get a little paranoid, we might even guess that Mr. Quatorze is trying to keep Mexican customers from buying another cellphone, hinting that there are better phones coming just around the corner. Either way, we're only posting this rumor here for due diligence -- it's extremely unlikely we'll see a new iPhone 4 in just over a month.
*As noted in the comments here, on the iPhone 4 Mexico post and on Apple's own site, the iPhone 4 is available in Mexico, but Apple has yet to provide us with an actual statement to that effect.

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