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2010 Holiday gift ideas & holiday gift guide for Christmas

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As the season for high-tech gifts and high-tech hassles. There's room for improvement with even the best toys. If you received some nifty new gadgets this holiday season but aren't getting the most out of them, perhaps you need some help rounding out the package.
If you're looking for the short list on the best holiday gifts for Christmas across all categories, we've got it right here.

2010 Holiday Gift Ideas Guide # 1 – iPad

If there was one great tech success story of 2010, it has to be the Apple iPad. Apple's little tablet toy has sold more than 8 million units without the benefit of Christmas songs and doorbuster sales. By fruitlessly getting in someone's way this holiday seasons just to find out that the WiFi-only iPad is the same $499 it was when it was released? Save everyone some time and aggravation by just picking one up now if you're hell-bent on getting one by the holidays.

2010 Holiday Gift Ideas Guide # 2 – Xbox Kinect

Another great holiday gift idea for the whole family is the Kinect system for Xbox 360. Kinect is a full body game that does not require the use of a controller. By using a motion senor and skeletal tracking the system creates an individual profile that it remembers and brings up whenever you play by using facial recognition. The great thing about the Kinect system is that it can be added to any Xbox 360, so everyone can get moving.

2010 Holiday Gift Ideas Guide # 3 – Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch slate built to complete with the current tablet king, Apple's thus-far-unchallenged iPad. The Galaxy Tab has two cameras -- a rear-facing 3.2-megapixel camera and a front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera for video chatting. Galaxy tablet is using Google Android mobile operating system, version 2.2 or Froyo. There are two models available, the 16GB and 32GB.

2010 Holiday Gift Ideas Guide # 4 – PlayStation Move

The Playstation move will be the first to hit the market and Sony seems to want to come out of the fence hard - In order to avoid opening day sell outs one should get in line and preorder the playstation move controller and bundle. The PS3 carries a strong selection of games and blu-ray player.

2010 Holiday Gift Ideas Guide # 5 – Smartphones

There's usually a simple answer for how much a smartphone costs: $199. Every so often, however, you get some leeway. Best Buy, for example, is offering Samsung's Fascinate Galaxy S phone for $149 -- a $50 discount from the Verizon Wireless version and similarly less expensive than the new Samsung Continuum. It's also hacked the price of HTC's Droid Incredible to $100 from $149 this week, just because they feel like it.

2010 Holiday Gift Ideas Guide # 6 – Sony Walkman NWZ-E350

You tech savvy lot may think PMPs are a dying breed, but funnily enough, the market's still going strong with a handful of products. There are certainly some benefits from using a dedicated media device alongside your phone: more battery juice, greater range of supported file formats, better audio quality, more form factors to choose from, etc. Perhaps our list of gift recommendations will be more convincing -- check it out after the break.

2010 Holiday Gift Ideas Guide # 7 – HDTVs

The picture's been looking pretty dark for HDTV prices for much of the year, with research firm DisplaySearch predicting an 8% drop in average LCD television prices and iSuppli forecasting prices as low as $200 for a 32-inch 720p HDTV and $500 for a 42-inch 1080p model. They pretty much nailed it, as a 22-inch 720p Sharp AQOUS LCD television can be had for $180 at

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