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best free iPhone 4 apps

The iPhone 4 brings a lot of new features, and this list of best free iPhone 4 apps will help you make the most of your new phone.
We’ve gathered up of what we feel are the best applications in various categories to give you some guidance in what you should be taking up valuable space with on your iPhone 4.  Communicate with friends, plan a better trip, play games, do business and more!
All of these apps are free at the time of this writing, but developers do change their minds from time to time, so do make sure to check the price before you download the application.  Also, all links take you directly to the app in the store, so any of these will launch iTunes on your computer or mobile device.

iPhone 4 Business Apps

Bump: It can be annoying to give someone your contact information at a party or networking event, all the two people need to do is open up the Bump app, bump the phone against one another and the information is transferred.
Dropbox: Access all of the files in your Dropbox account from your iPhone and on the go.
Evernote: Access your Evernote account and add notes, snapshots and more so you can remember things on the go.
LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great social network for professional communication, and now you can check up on people you’ve just met the second you walk away from them.

iPhone 4 E-Reader Apps


Amazon Kindle: The Kindle app gives you access to all of Amazon’s e-books, and will also sync your purchases and current position in each book across all of the apps and physical Kindle readers.
Borders eBooks: Borders is the second largest book retailer in the United States and has now entered the e-book landscape with both e-readers and applications for all of the major platforms.
iBooks: The Apple e-reader app features a full bookstore run by the company itself.  You can also synchronize your books and reading with your other iOS devices with the app installed.

iPhone 4 Game Apps

Dots Free: Play against the iPhone or other people in this classic game of capturing squares, but in this day and age, who needs to do it on paper any more
FarmVille: The game that has taken over Facebook has now come to the iPhone.  Prepare for crop harvesting excitement.
GodFinger: A popular game for some time now on the iPhone, it has now been updated to take advantage of the Retina display.  You truly are the finger of a God in this game.
Minesweeper: PCs have come with this game since the dawn of time, and now you can play it on the go on your iPhone.
South Park Mega Millionaire: The boys of South Park end up on a Japanese game show and engage all sorts of humiliating games.
Tap Tap Revenge 3: The popular music rhythm game continues coming up with new versions, and still remains free.
Touch Hockey: Air hockey played with your fingers against your friends over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
Warships: It only looks and plays exactly like Battlship, but it’s Warships … see what they did there?

iPhone 4 Movie Apps

Fandango: Fandango allows you to not only look up theater locations, schedules and watch trailers, but you can also purchase tickets on the fly.
IMDb Movies & TV: IMDb is well-known for bringing you all sorts of information about movies, television and actors, and now you can do it on the go to hasten settling those inevitable bar bets about who that one guy was in the one movie … you know the one!
Movies: The Movies app from Flixster allows you locate theaters near you, browse their schedules and look up reviews from Rotten Tomatoes for any of the currently released movies.
Redbox: You can use this app to locate the nearest Redbox kiosk to you, see what films are in it and search through all of the other machines in your general vicinity.

iPhone 4 Music Apps

Last.fm: Part social network and part musical service, you can access your account, tag songs and more and keep it playing while you move on to other tasks.
NPR Music: While most people only think of classical music when they hear the name “NPR”, but this app will allow you to listen to tracks from Pop/Rock/Folk, Jazz & Blues, World, Classical and Hip Hop/R&B while you are multi-tasking on your iPhone 4.
Pandora: The always popular Pandora music app has been touched up for the iPhone 4 and works with multi-tasking so you can continue playing music as you surf the Web or read e-mail.
Slacker Radio: The popular streaming music service made up of user created channels over 100 preset selections has now added multi-tasking so that you can continue to listen as you do other tasks.

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