Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to download YouTube for free and convert YouTube to MP4

Almost everyone know YouTube, and most of all prefer to watch movies on YouTube, however, sometimes you may want to watch offline, want to download to your portable media player such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, want to avoid buffering problems while viewing on a slow connection, want to view when traveling, want to archive videos that might be subsequently removed from YouTube, want to share in places where YouTube is blocked or banned. In a word, you just download YouTube video to your hard disk or convert YouTube video to other format. If you confused about that, this tutorial will show you how to download YouTube to your hard drive easily for free and convert YouTube to MP4.

Things you'll need
1. Favourite YouTube videos
2. Aneesoft YouTube Converter (download the free trial version)
3. Enough free space on hard disk

Step 1: Download & install Aneesoft YouTube Converter
We'll be using the all-in-one YouTube downloading software called Aneesoft YouTube Converter to download YouTube videos and convert the videos to most video formats, You can search Aneesoft YouTube Converter on Google or go to Aneesoft home to download. Then, install this YouTube Converter.

Step 2: Run Aneesoft YouTube Converter and add YouTube video URLs
Now run Aneesoft YouTube Converter and click the button "Add URL" to copy the URL of YouTube video, you may add as many YouTube URLs as you want for downloading to your computer. Now HD videos from YouTube are available for download with Aneesoft YouTube Converter.

Step 3: Start downloading YouTube videos
The YouTube videos will start downloading automatically after you add the YouTube videos URLs into Aneesoft YouTube Converter. Make sure your Internet is connected to YouTube website and the URLs of YouTube videos are correct. You're able to download multiple YouTube videos all at once in YouTube Converter.

Step 4: Convert YouTube videos to MP4 format
Once the YouTube video has been downloaded successfully, it'll be removed from the "Download" tab and transferred to "Convert" tab. Change the output settings to MP4 format to convert videos with best quality. You may convert YouTube FLV videos to any other common video formats for video editing or playback on your mobile devices, such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP etc. Remember that the output file size mostly depends on the bitrate you set. Larger bitrate, larger file size.

Step 5: Transfer and watch the YouTube videos anywhere
After the YouTube videos has been converted successfully, you may transfer the converted YouTube videos to your PC, Mac or most mobile devices, like iPad, iPod, PSP for watching the YouTube videos.

Tips &Tricks
* You can extract audios from YouTube video in the help of Aneesoft YouTube Converter.
* With multi-threading supported by Aneesoft YouTube Converter, you can download and converter multiple YouTube videos all at once easily with great speed.
*If you just want to download YouTube videos, you can download the free version-Aneesoft free YouTube downloader.
* You can runs this software on all windows OS
* Aneesoft YouTube converter can convert YouTube videos to any common video format, such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, VOB, ASF and more.
* Aneesoft YouTube Converter can easily convert YouTube videos for playing back on the mobile devices, such as YouTube to iPad, YouTube to iPod, YouTube to iPhone, YouTube to PSP and more.

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