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How to put Sony HD videos onto ipad2

iPad 2 is a beautiful 9.7-inch high-resolution display which similar to its former iPad2, it is more thinner and lighter than the first model and also have more memory and a more powerful graphics processor. Thus, smarter iPad 2 makes it much more convenient for carrying around when on traveling, flighting or on a train.

But if we want to put Sony HD videos onto iPad2 for playback or for editing, what shall we do? One of the best solutions is to convert Sony AVCHD videos to iPad2 compatible formats. Therefore, to find a good Video Converter is very important. In this article, I’ll recommend you one of the best Video Converter – Aneesoft iPad2 Video Converter. Read on to learn the step-by-step guides for converting Sony HD videos to iPad2 formats using Aneesoft iPad2 Video Converter.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Aneesoft iPad 2 Video Converter

Step 1: Download & install Aneesoft to ipad2 Converter
Download the free trial version of Aneesoft iPad2 Video Converter. Next step is to install this software.
Step 2: Run Aneesoft iPad2 Video Converter and add Sony HD videos

Now run Aneesoft iPad2 Video Converter and click the big button "Add..." to add Sony HD videos.

Step 3: Edit Sony HD videos: trim, crop, add effect, add watermark

Wanna to edit your videos to make it more personalized? To add a watermark with Aneesoft iPad2 Video Converter, just select the title you'd like to add watermark, then click the button 'Edit' to launch video editing window. If you want to crop video or add some special effects, click the first two tabs “Crop” “Effect”.

Step 4: Change the output settings before convert Sony HD videos to iPad2

You'll find a wide range of preset video setting options available for Apple iPad2. You may select "iPad2 (720P) H.264 iTunes Video (*.m4v)" for converting Sony HD videos to iPad2 supported videos. Remember that the output file size and converting speed mostly depends on the Bitrates you set. Larger Bit rate, larger file size and longer conversion time.

Step 5: Start converting movies to iPad2 video format
Now you may click the big button "Start" to begin converting Sony HD videos to iPad2 video files. Once the conversion is complete, Aneesoft iPad2 Video Converter will place on your Desktop a new iPad2 format version of your video that will play on the iPad2. Double-click the new file and play it to make sure it looks as you expect.
Tips & Tricks
Tips 1: With batch conversion supported, you can append many tasks at one time and iPad Video Converter will convert them one by one for saving your time.
Tips 2: You can preview the video by selecting the video and clicking Play in the preview pane. You can also take snapshot and save them as jpg, bmp file while preview.
Tips 3: Join multiple video files into one by clicking "Merge" in Source Setup section. You need select the files first in the source list.
Tips 4: To put the converted video to your iPod or iPhone, you must have QuickTime 7.0.4 or later and iTunes 6.0 or later installed on your computer. For the latest versions of these applications, open System Preferences, click Software Update, and then click Check Now.

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