Monday, December 19, 2011

Play AVI videos on HP TouchPad in three steps

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If you have lots of AVI files that couldn't be played back on TouchPad and want to watch them on the web OS Slate, just try Aneesoft Video Converter Pro. Here I'll show you how to convert AVI to TouchPad supported video formats for watching on the TouchPad step-by-step.

Things you'll need

1. Aneesoft Video Converter Pro (Free for download trial version)
2. AVI video files 

Step 1: Run Aneesoft AVI to TouchPad Video Converter and add AVI video file

To be started, we need to download the very nice Aneesoft Video Converter Pro, and then install it to your computer. After launching Aneesoft Video Converter Pro, you can add AVI files by clicking the button "Add..." on the top left side. You're able to convert multiple AVI files to TouchPad supports video formats at once with Aneesoft video converter Pro.

Step 2: Convert AVI to TouchPad supports video formats

In this step you may set the output video format for converting AVI for TouchPad. Aneesoft Video Converter Pro gives you a lot of options. Here I choose " MP4-MPEG-4 Video File(* .mp4) as the output video format.


Step 3: Start converting AVI to TouchPad supports video formats

After simply click on the button "Start", the conversion of AVI to TouchPad begins. The converting time mostly depends on the bitrate you have set, what other things your computer currently doing and the speed of your computer in itself.

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